Literacy Importance in India

When looking at children aged between five and eight, there is one commonality that should be noticed among them. No matter what country they live in, or what their daily lives consist of, they should all have this single minimal skill. They should all be able to read. Reading is so important in today’s fast paced society, and all children should have access to learning and availability to such important topics.

When people discuss education, they often times think about classes of advanced academia. Maybe the students they picture are slightly older, and more advanced. However, we must look at the original building blocks for this mental image we develop. All children start with reading, writing, and learning how to identify letters on a page. Without this basic skill, everything else becomes too difficult for them to achieve. In India, there is a great need to incorporate even more of this into programs through schools, at home, and potentially even in the workplace. Everyone should be literate, and no one should be left behind.

For children growing up in this age of technology, it is only looking out for their best of interests to teach them to read. If reading never comes along, then they immediately lose out on over 80% of jobs that could be available to them. We should never put children in this unfair ratio of job availability, and allow them to have the best and most successful futures they wish to pursue. Giving the children of the world hope and strength, we are making the world a better place. If we look at reading and its importance in regards to technology, it becomes easy to see how lost we would be in this world. The world is heading in a new direction with technology, and even still, reading is the basis it is found. It’s more crucial now than ever to improve literacy rates among the states of India.

Incorporating better literacy programs throughout India could be done with a few easy steps. The first could be ensuring parents of the importance of a proper education. All parents should be fully supportive of their child attending school and learning how to read. Another would be the availability of schools. Some rural areas have limited access to schools that provide quality education. Programs could be established to make sure these children are not forgotten, and learn the necessary skills to learn how to read. Once the foundation is produced for reading skills, it becomes infinitely easier to continue education. This can almost be true at any point in life.

These are just a few of the reasons that literacy reasons need to improve throughout India. Many other benefits will start to surface if more people become aware of the issue at hand, and take action to help reverse it. These children are the future of the country, and need to be given literacy just as the minimum to reach their full potential. Without this, we are only crippling them, and not giving them a fair shot to be successful. It all starts by taking initiative, and doing your part to help this cause.